Please be mindful of your postal mailboxes and check them routinely (at least every three days). If mail accumulates beyond an acceptable amount, the postal carrier, at his/her discretion, may leave a "vacant" notice and your mail will be taken to the servicing post office. If it is not picked up in a timely manner (approximately 10 days), that mail may be returned to sender. If you receive a "Vacant" notice, take it to your servicing post office to retrieve your mail. The notice must be presented in order to pick up your held mail.

For those living in The Prairies, your servicing post office is:

      3541 Dayton-Xenia Rd

      Dayton, OH 45432


For those living in The Woods, your servicing post office is on base:

      5237 Cooper St, Building 258

      WPAFB, OH 45433


Should you have any questions please contact your servicing post office.