Frequently Asked Questions

What school district would my children be enrolled in? What about after school activities?

If you are currently living in or getting ready to move into The Prairies, the school district that your child(ren) would be enrolling in would be Mad River Local Schools. 

If you are currently living in or getting ready to move into The Woods, the school district that your child(ren) would be enrolling in would be Fairbon City Schools. 

What about after school activities? Enroll your child(ren) into The Prairies Youth Center! The Youth Center also has numerous activities going on throughout the year that your kids can take advantage of.

Is there a resident handbook available for download?

Yes, please download our PDF Resident Handbook from the Document Center here:

Are civilians allowed to move into privatized housing?

Currently, we are offering some select homes to only Federal Civil Service employees. Management and the Air Force are committed to providing housing to the active duty military members. However, under the terms of the Ground Lease with the Air Force, if occupancy falls below 95% for a consecutive period of time or 90 days, management has the right to invoke a cascade of renters other than active duty military members.

The cascade is as follows:

1. Other active duty military members

2. Federal civil service employees

3. Retired military members and their families

4. Active Guard and Reserve military members

5. Retired federal civil service employees

6. DoD contractor/permanent employees (US citizens); and

7. The general public

Are homes designated by rank?

Homes are designated by rank structure; however, The Properties at Wright Field (PWF) has flexibility to accommodate our military residents' with freedom of housing options.  Please speak with a PWF representative for floor plans and rank specific areas.

Are single/unaccompanied member permitted to move in?

Yes, the Commander has approved the recommendation of the Housing Privatization Management Review Committee (MRC) to permit single/unaccompanied members to live in privatized housing.

How is the rental amount determined?

Military members pay an amount equal to their Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for their monthly rent, less a reduction for Utility Allowance given back to the resident to pay gas and electric utilities. If the household consists of 2 military members, the rental amount is based on the highest-ranking member with dependent BAH (less the utilities reduction). Military members' monthly rent is paid in arrears and through an allotment. Other eligible residents pay in advance, by the first day of the month, via the online payment portal at, or with one-personal-check, certified-check(s) or money-order(s).

Who is responsible for starting and stopping the allotment process?

The Properties at Wright Field will start, stop and change the allotment using Fort Knox National Company effective 5/17/21 for all new move ins.  All current residents utilizing MyPay are responsible to start, stop and change their own allotments.  Payments can be made via the online payment portal at

What utilities are included in the rent?

Utilities made available to the RESIDENT include water, sewer, and trash collection and disposal. Such utilities do not include electric, natural gas, cable television, telephone service, Internet service, or other communications services.

What utilities are the members required to pay? Will there be an allowance for the incurred expense?

Residents are responsible for the gas and electric utilities as part of the Utilities and Infrastructure Improvements Plan. For military members, no additional allowance will be issued however; the rental amount paid to the developer will be reduced by the amount of the actual average use by house style plus a 10% "cushion". This reduction will be given back to the military resident to pay the gas and electric utilities directly to the utility provider based on actual consumption.

Do you allow pets? Are there any restrictions and do you charge a deposit?

Yes, we welcome your pets!  Active Duty Leases may keep up to two (2) pets without paying a Pet Deposit.  Non-Active Duty Leases are required to pay $300.00 non-refundable pet fee with their first pet and may have up to two (2) pets.  All animals and owners must follow the pet policies set forth in the resident handbook.  Effective 1 December 2022 - Dog Breed Restrictions:  Pit Bull (American Staffordshire Bull Terrier or English Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Chow and wolf hybrids.  Prohibition also extends to other breeds of dogs or individual dogs that demonstrate or are known to demonstrate a propensity for dominant or aggressive behavior.

Current residents that currently have dog/s of these breeds are grandfathered in so long as their animal is already documented in their resident file prior to 1 December 2022.

Is High Speed Internet available?

High Speed Internet is available through KAS Cable TV and Spectrum Cable. We also have limited availability for DSL service through AT&T.

Who maintains the waiting list and what are the procedures?

The Housing Referral Office maintains a waiting list. It is recommended that in-bound members submit their housing application (DD Form 1746) to the HRO once orders are received. The military member can request a referral be sent to our Leasing Office to tour our community and begin the home selection process. To reach the Housing Referral Office, please call (937) 257-6547 or click on the link on our home page.

How do I request maintenance? What should I do when your office is closed?

For service requests during normal office hours, please contact the Maintenance Office at (937) 253-3488, option #3. For maintenance related emergencies after normal office hours please call (937) 253-3488, option #0. Routine (non- emergency) service requests may also be sent via the online service request portal at 

Can appointments be made for maintenance?

Yes. Appointments are scheduled on specific days for general time frames (i.e. morning or afternoon). Please keep in mind that scheduling appointments can delay our response time. Allowing us permission to enter your home expedites the completion of your service request. Service requests are categorized as Routine, Urgent and Emergency.

What is the policy for vehicles parking in the common garage driveways?

AF policy states parking in the common garage areas is for loading and unloading purposes only. Residents are not allowed to park in front of their garages, as it impedes traffic flow and their neighbors' access to their garage. A good rule of thumb to remember is to be considerate of others.

What are the hours for the self-help store? What items are available?






12pm – 6pm


12pm – 6pm


12pm – 6pm


12pm – 6pm


10am – 4pm

Items available include faucet aerators, doorstops, small amounts of paint and paint accessories, shower-heads, stoppers, furnace filters, wall plates, weather-stripping, etc. For specific requests please call (937) 253-3488, option 7. Or, you may contact Self-Help via this website.