2023 Utility Rate Adjustments

The 2023 electric and gas rates are from Wright Patterson AFB.  WPAFB negotiates the rates with the local providers and that determines the rate/s for the year. 

The 2023 electric and gas rates have increased significantly compared to past years, the local communities outside of WPAFB have experienced large increases as well.  Thankfully, PWF is part of WPAFB and there is a special rate for our residents living in privatized housing.  Military residents on a military lease have a utility allowance that reflects this increase for the 2023 year.

Electric rates increased 85%

Gas rates increased 30%

If you feel that you have received an unusually high utility bills or has a maintenance concern that is affecting your utilities billing, please contact our maintenance customer service department at 937.253.3488 x3 for assistance.