Self-Help Store

You must have your ID to pick-up any item. Most items that are maintained in parts inventory are available to customers with the following exceptions:

  • No hardwired-in electrical components will be issued.
  • No poisonous materials will be issued.
  • No items that are potentially explosive or could be used as explosive material will be issued.
  • Nothing that is by its nature hazardous, toxic or flammable will be issued.
  • No chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.


Available Items

This is a partial list and is subject to change. If you are moving and have completed your preliminary inspection, you may only receive paint, painting supplies, spackling, grass seed, and top soil. Any post-preliminary inspection repairs and materials are your responsibility.

Please review the items below that are available for pick-up during normal business hours.



Equipment Loan

As a courtesy we offer equipment for short-term loaning on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.



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