If you own a pet, you must be responsible to perform the following duties per your lease agreement, Wright-Patterson AFB Instruction 48-101, Animal control and Disease Prevention (attached) and to be a good pet owner/neighbor:

Cleanliness/Sanitation:  If you own a pet, you must clean pet areas daily, or more often if necessary, to prevent the areas from becoming a public nuisance.  This must be done year-round.  When walking your pet, you must immediately clean up feces left in any common area or other residents' yards and place it in a public or your own waste receptacle or one of the disposal stations around the community that were installed by PWF. Please also take advantage of the Bark Parks that are available off of Freedom Drive. DO NOT leave your pet's waste on the ground; it is unsanitary and very disrespectful.

Restraints:  Your pets must be on a leash when outside and under control of a responsible person capable of controlling the pet under any circumstances.  DO NOT walk your pets in other residents' yards. Do not restrain your animal to any fixtures such as trees, downspouts, porches, or buildings.

Control:  Pets must be effectively controlled at all times (indoors and outdoors) to prevent excessive barking or biting of people/animals. Security Forces may remove unattended pets that create a public nuisance, such as barking and whining. DO NOT allow your dogs to remain outside for extended periods. Do not allow your dog to bark continually; this is a nuisance and it interferes with your neighbors' enjoyment of their home. Pet quiet hours are 2200-0800. 

Pet owners must take every precaution to keep their pets and others safe, there may be times when a pet will find its way out of the yard or will bark a little longer than others may feel is acceptable.  Talking directly to each other is always the first and best course of action that should be taken.  PWF is always available and more than happy to help resolve any situation that is recurring or becomes nuisance. It takes everyone doing their part to keep our community a great place to live!