Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project Update

As contracted by WPAFB, American Water has been cleaning main sanitary sewer lines in The Prairies. After the main sewer lines have been cleaned and prepared, they began installing new liners. The liner installation involves inserting a pipe liner inside the existing sewer pipeline thereby eliminating the need for extensive disruption for long periods of time. Attached is a link to an animation of the liner installation process, for your information:

Next Monday, May 18th, the contractor will resume working in The Prairies. In general they will be working Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Due to weather conditions and other unforeseen events, scheduling may change. For example, work stop until inclement weather has subsided and it is safe to continue. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience while the improvements are being made to the main sewer system.


Plumbing Use:

Every attempt is being made to not impact any sanitizing needs due to COVID-19. You will be notified you with a door-to-door notification if your home's plumbing may be affected. If the plumbing in your home will be affected it should only be for a short period of time. In very rare instances lower-level toilets may bubble over during cleaning and if that happens in your home, please notify the main sewer cleaning crew near your home and they will respond immediately for clean-up. To contain any bubble-over and length of cleanup time, please close lower-level toilet lids and place a towel over the lid and bowl. Again, this is very rare. But, if it does happen, taking this step will help to quickly clean up. During the the liner installation, please restrict water use.  Once the liner phase is completed, the contractor will go door-to-door in your location to let you know that it is ok to use water again.


There may be limited access in work areas throughout the scheduled workdays and normal traffic flow will resume once the work is completed. Please be vigilant as you travel through the neighborhood and follow any instructional signage or directions from flaggers/workers. Please be attentive when parking--sanitary manholes need to be kept clear for access.  If a green cone is on the manhole, please stay back/park away from them.