2023 RTA Bus Service Re-Established to WPAFB!

The RTA Bus Service has been re-Established to WPAFB!

Need a Ride? The RTA "Tripper" Shuttle Service runs AM/PM, connecting 5 Major stops on Area B to Off-Base Housing & RTA public transit Routes 1, 2, & 11 to base! Riders needed for 8-week "trial period" to demonstrate ridership.


Public transit on WPAFB was canceled during COVID due to "low-ridership" (when the base transitioned to HPCON Charlie). Since then, pedestrians on Area B have been walking in/out of National Rd gate (where there are posted "No pedestrian" signs) and along the shoulder of the I-675. The daily "commute" is more than a 1-mile walk, and very miserable in bad weather! AFRL/HQ and the WPAFB Vice Installation Commander are actively supporting a solution to address pedestrian safety on base. We need ridership to demonstrate to the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA, Bus Service) that the new service is worthwhile! RTA is running an 8-week "trial period" (until 3-Nov), after which they will consider additional stops/times, and expansion to Area A.

Uber/Lyft have very limited access to base - you can only ride with Uber *IF* the driver happens to be a US citizen. Unescorted drivers have very limited access to base - need to call an Uber? You have to walk off base first!

Please consider riding even 1 day/week or 1 time only while we establish ridership for this critical infrastructure promoting alternative, safe transportation to base!


To ride, simply show up (no scheduling required) at any of the stops at the times listed (see maps below) - Stops 1 & 2 connect to Off-Base Housing & RTA City Bus Routes 1, 2, & 11. Visit iriderta.org for details! Download the Transit App for live city bus tracking (the "Tripper" Shuttle not yet available for tracking). The Transit App works in all major US cities, streaming live information from city bus, shuttle, & metro routes. The cost of RTA City Bus rides caps at $4/day & $40/month. Bus fare is paid using a TapPay (card available Downtown) or directly in the Transit App (click the "Ride now" button). The RTA "Tripper" Service to WPAFB Area B is free! CAC checked at gate for all riders.


(1) Airway/Woodman (0810//1730) – pickup/drop-off @ Taco Bell

(2) The Prairies Housing (0820//1725) – pickup/ drop-off @ Donatos Pizza

(3) AFRL/RY Bldg 600 (0825//1700) – pickup/ drop-off @ Visitor’s Center

(4) AFIT Bldg 642 (0828//1705) – pickup/ drop-off @ Kenny Hall

(5) USAFSAM Bldg 840 (0830//1710) – pickup/ drop-off @ Back Parking Flagpole 

(6) Wright-Field Fitness Center (0835//1715) – pickup/ drop-off @ West front doors

(7) AFRL HQ (0838//1720) – pickup/ drop-off @ Glass Bus Stop